Hearing Booster Aid Kit
Hearing Booster Aid Kit
Hearing Booster Aid Kit
Hearing Booster Aid Kit
Hearing Booster Aid Kit

Hearing Booster Aid Kit

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Hearing Booster Aid Kit 

Ear Adjustable Tone Sound Amplifier

The hearing is one sense that makes life as brilliant and colorful. For those that have difficulty in hearing, the savior is this Hearing Booster Aid Kit. Hearing loss is very common, especially as we age. Among adults 65 and older, one in three people has some type of hearing impairment. It amplifies sounds up to 40 decibels with volume level. Adjustable and can be used to either ear.  

Features of Hearing Assistance Aid Kit: 

  • Help you Hear the Sound Loudly and Clearly, whether Indoors or Outdoors
  • Small Size and Lightweight
  • Easy and Comfortable to Wear
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Fits Left or Right Ear



  • One button operation, which is easy to use. (One on-off button and one volume button. Easy for the old people to learn.)
  • High cost performance. With the same performance, the cost performance is higher.(Sound is good distortion is small. Easy operation with many shifts of tone tuning).
  • Light and handy appearance. Easy to carry. (Designed according to human ear canals, easy to adorn. Exquisite and small. Adorn firmly with sweatproof and anti-skidding surface materials.)
  • Comfortable fit behind the ear – barely visible. (Made of high quality materials, the device is safe and pretty much comfortable to wear.Designed with auricle fixed line.This design can prevent the earplugs running off. It fits perfectly on individuals of all ages.)
  • Various kinds of earplugs. Adorn comfortably. (Choose the suitable earplugs according to your ear canals.)
  • Amplifies the volume of all sounds indoors and outdoors